Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

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Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Recommended for the 3-4th year of Specialist’s program and Bachelor’s program.


Language: Russian/English
Format: online
Learning Objectives & Outcomes

At the conclusion of the course, students should have:

  • Understanding of blockchain technology basics, application of blockchain to digital transformation of the financial industry, and relevant research directions in the field.

  • Capability of self-development of new research methods, changing the scientific and production profile of activities.

  • Ability to use modern information technologies and software in professional activities, to set tasks for specialists in the development of R software for solving professional problems.

Program of the course
  • Blockchain technology: blocks, addresses, transactions, consensus algorithm

  • Ethereum: decentralized virtual machine architecture, scalability

  • Consensus protocols: results about different consensus algorithms, most widespread models comparison

  • Confidentiality in blockchain: symmetric and asymmetric encryption, elliptic curves, zero knowledge proofs

  • DeFi: key decentralized financial primitives, models of automatic market makers and lending protocols

  • Financial modelling of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using R

  • Credit Risk Management for cryptocurrencies and examples with R