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Who we are

Vega Institute Foundation is a joint project of Lomonosov Moscow State University and VTB Group.

Foundation seeks to support and advance financial mathematics school in Russia and to train highly qualified professionals for the finance industry. We aspire to bring together the student, academic, and business communities. 

Vega Institute Foundation was established in late 2020, and by spring of 2021 several specialized courses were made available to the students. The Institute aims its activities at students from all over Russia. In April 2021, Vega Institute together with Sirius Mathematics Center in Sochi successfully organized and ran the Black Sea School on New Developments in Mathematical Finance.

The Institute’s activities are aimed at:

  • establishment of competitive conditions for education of future professionals; 

  • implementation of theoretical research for finance industry needs; 

  • facilitation of engagement between Russian students and the field’s leading academics. 

The Foundation prioritizes the interests of the student community. We support and counsel our students throughout the full learning cycle.

Our specialized courses, scholarship programs and summer schools enable participants to study with the world-famous instructors. Participants of research laboratories can put their knowledge into practice and are given a chance to prove themselves and collaborate with the representatives of finance sector. 

Core priorities of the Foundation:

  • specialized educational programs at three partner faculties of Lomonosov Moscow State university; 

  • scholarship programs; 

  • summer schools and conferences devoted to financial mathematics on the basis of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Sirius University of Science and Technology, and other academic institutions; 

  • support of research laboratories; 

  • specialized courses and topical events. 

The Foundation organizes conferences and seminars, and is actively engaged in financial mathematics research. We engage the experts from the leading international universities for collaboration. Among these academic institutions are University of Konstanz, University of Warwick, University of Leeds, Carnegie Mellon University, ETH Zürich, London School of Economics and Political Science, University of Duisburg-Essen. The Foundation will assist the students in presenting their work at international conferences. Our students are given the chance to become a part of the global academic community while still studying at the university.

We believe that a well-balanced integration in the global academic community lays the foundation for high-quality learning process.